Teachers and Students – Italy


Linda Chianetta

Hi everybody!
I’m Linda from Italy, I teach English at I.C. Karol Wojtyla Pontefice- Santa Flavia in Porticello, a very nice seafaring village in Sicily. I am looking forward to meeting you soon.


Hi, I teach English at Secondary school in Santa Flavia, a small town not  far from Palermo.
I love travelling and learning about customs and traditions of different countries. This is why I’m looking forward to meeting you, both teachers and students !!
I forgot !
I’m also curious about new languages !!!


Maria Antonietta Calì

Hi everybody, I’m Maria Antonietta Calì. I am attending I.C.Santa Flavia school. My hobbies are mountainbike – waterski and tennis. I can play piano and flute. I’m a funny girl.

Anna Ingrassia

Hi everybody, I am Anna, I am eleven years old, I am from Santa Flavia, a little town at south of Italy, I am a student at the I.C. Karol Wojtyla Pontefice. My hobbies are: play the piano, reading books and I love cooking. I am happy to work with people form other countries!


Hi everyone, I’m Carlotta and I attend the first class of Porticello middle school.


Hi i am Miriam i live in porticello i am a student of the I.C. Karol Wojtyla and i am really looking forward to meeting you.

Myriam Pia Galioto

I introduce myself
Hi, my name is Myriam Pia. I’m 11 years old and i’m from Sicily in Italy. I’m an only child and my family consists of three people. My hobbies are drawing and reading. I’m a student and I go to Karol Wojtyla Pontefice Secondary School and my favorite subject is English. My dream is to become a Kindergarten teacher.

Justin Di Lello

Hi, my name is Justin. I’m 11. I’m from Sicily. I’m student and i go at Karol Wojtyla Pontefice of Porticello school. In my free time i like go out with my friends. My hobbies are: play football and play violin.

Edoardo Colabella

Hi i’m Edoardo Colabella
I’m 11 years old . I was born in 
Palermo and i live in Santa Flavia. I like plaing tennis whit my friends 
I can play the clarinet . 
My favorite subject are English , Matheus and P.E.
I’ m funny .
My favourite toy si lego

Marco Trovato

Hi, i’m Marco and i’m 11 years old and i’m from italy.
I live in Santa Flavia but i was born in Palermo. I am in The class 1A.

Giorgio- Cavoli

Hello, my name is Giorgio. I am 12 years old and I live in Sicily. My passion is football, my favorite team is Juventus. I like playing videogames

Marco Amoroso

Hi,my name is Marco, i’m 12 years old and i live in Santa Flavia, i like so much sports, my favourite sport is basketball, i’m in the class 1A.

Onorato Irene

Hi, i am Irene, i am twelve years old, i am from Santa Flavia.
In my free time i listen to music and  read a book. I am funny and nice.
I am looking forward to working with you!

Gabriel lotà

Hi everybody, I’m Gabriel lotà. I’m 11 years old and i was born in Palermo.
I attend the IC karol wojtyla school in Santa Flavia. I like playing a lot with video-game. My favourite food is pizza and hamburger. I’m a funny boy,

Ilenia Virga

Hi, my name is Ilenia , i’m 11 years old , i live in Santa Flavia . 
I like to talk and play with my friends , and i love to draw  


Hi, my name is Federica and I am a student at the Karol Wojtyla Pontefice school. My favourite subject are italian, english, P.E. and music. In my free time I cook, I talk to my friends and draw. I hope we will meeting you soon!

Martina Tarantino

Hi, my name is Martina, I’m 12 years old, my star sign is Aquarius, my favourite coulors are green and white and my favourite  food is pizza. I really love sports, my favourite sport is orienteering. I love playing the violin, playing videogames, listening to music, watching  Anime, climbing trees and running. I have two best friends: Desireè and Lavinia, they are my classmates, I love my class because everyone is nice, teachers too! My dream job is interior designer.

Lavinia Verdicaro

Hi my name is Lavinia ,I have got eleven years old . I live in Santa Flavia . I love animals and my favorite are: dogs , tigers , koalas and panthers. My favorite colours are : the pastell colours, but I prefer the pastell yellow, pink, blue and purple. I have got 1 rabbit, two dogs, and two cats. My favorite school subjects are : English and Spanish. My hobby is theater, and playing the piano. My dream is becoming an actress

Onorato Irene

Hi i’m Irene, i am twelve years old, i am from Palermo. I’m student at I.C Karol Wojtyla Pontefice. My hobbies are: listening to music and reading books. I am a very nice and funny girl.


My name is Sofia. I’m eleven years old. I live in Sicily. I am in years 7 and I do athletics. I am a sunny girl.