Szkola Podstawowa nr 4 z oddzialami integracyjnymi im. K.S.Wyszynskiego

Primary School No. 4 is an integration school that currently teaches 429 students in 20 departments in grades 1-8. We have 5 integration departments and 21 students with disability certificates attend them. At school work 52 teachers. The school would like to expand its educational offer, encourage students and teachers to develop constantly. Thanks to the international project, our students and teachers could feel real Europeans, can make international friends, learn about the culture and curricula of partner countries in various subjects, significantly improve their English and German language skills, also in specialized vocabulary related to various teaching subjects, e.g. biology, physics, music, history, etc., and basic knowledge of the partners‘ mother languages. The subject of the project will allow students to broaden their knowledge in various subjects, and teachers to use the experience and ideas of teachers from different European countries. Teachers will have the opportunity to watch demonstrative lessons in various subjects, learn new teaching methods and techniques, and compare curricula in different countries. Acquired knowledge and skills will increase students‘ chances on the labor market in the future, and teachers will enrich their workshop. The contact person of the project will be Mrs. Agnieszka Raczyńska-Cyfra, who has experience in realising international Comenius and Erasmus + projects, and she is an English and German teacher. Other English teachers, including Anna Wojciechowska, Jolanta Obst and Agnieszka Suska, have already collaborated in international groups, implementing e-twinning projects and the previous Erasmus + project, as well as teachers of nature, biology, geography, physics, chemistry, music, history, Polish, physical education, will also participate in the project. They have the substantive knowledge needed to implement the current project.