Mobility – Uničov, Czech Republic

During the second week of November 2022, Haškova Elementary School hosted the second meeting of the members of the Erasmus+ CLIL project, which started in the school year 2020/2021. Our partners from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Turkey spent three days at our school packed with interesting activities, which were, hopefully, helpful for their educational work in their home countries.

On the first day our partners got the chance to visit our school and some of our lessons, which were dedicated to CLIL activities – namely class 1. A taught by Mgr. M. Kuxová, class 3. A by Mgr. L. Dušková, 4.A by Mgr. Z. Gucká, 5. A by Mgr. N. Šimková and class 6. B taught by Mgr. J. Ryšavá. Credit goes to our students as well for their brilliant performances.

Later that afternoon our partners were welcomed in Uničov by our mayor Mgr. R. Vincour. Afterwards our ninth-graders together with Mgr. T. Šléšková, Mgr. B. Kaplová, Mgr. Z. Gucká and Mgr. M. Kreuziger organized a historical track around our town via the TeachOUT app. Our guests as well as our students could therefore see the beauty of Uničov, they’ve gained new knowledge and skills and, of course, practiced English along the way.

The next day was dedicated to outdoor activities – our guests were shown a CLIL lesson of PE at the local ice arena taught by Mgr. P. Zeman and Mgr. K. Kuncová. Some of the teachers even got the feel of what it’s like to be a hockey player!

In the afternoon we were back in one of our classrooms with Mgr. P. Vallin, a teacher from Charles University in Prague, who gave an excellent lecture about CLIL. Apart from theoretical facts, the lecture was filled with interesting practical activities, so all the teachers could get hands-on experience of this method.

Since the 11th November is related to Saint Martin, on the third day of the visit the guests were taken to Mikulov, a town located in south Moravia. In Mikulov all of the teachers participated in another TeachOUT track and hence have learnt many historical and geographical facts about the region. Apart from that, for a while they also became a part of the Saint Martin celebrations in the heart of the town.

We’d like to give special thanks for this meeting not only to the headmaster of our school, Mgr. Svatopluk Vlk, but also to the coordinators of this project Mgr. K. Kuncová and Mgr. Z. Gucká. Of course, credit goes to all the teachers mentioned above, to Mgr. A. Zavadilová and PhDr. J. Hronová, the creators of the TeachOUT track in Mikulov, to Mgr. M. Kreuziger for his daily reports and photos, to Mgr. P. Vallin for her amazing lecture, to Mrs. K. Petříková and Mgr. M. Kohlová and other employees of our school who made this meeting possible.

Last but not least, thanks to all of our students who represented our school excellently!