Mobility – Italy

Last meeting of the Erasmus + Project Clil and Cross Curricular Relations took place from 8th till 12th May 2023 in beautiful town Santa Flavia in Sicily. Host school was Instituto Comprensivo Statale „Karol Wojtyla – Pontefice“ Santa Flavia. During this week students and teachers from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Turkey and the Czech republic could complete a series of three-year acivities related to the English language teaching across different subjects.

Five days were divided between five key topics Clil and drama, Clil and music, Clil and outdoor activities, Clil and History, Clil and Geography. Erasmus meeting started at school, where students and teachers watched presentations of the videos related to the past mobilities. Students also enjoyed lessons of Science, Art and Physical Education. Beautiful ending of the first day was Welcoming concert at the school hall, that music teachers from Karol Wojtyla Pontefice secondary school prepared with their pupils from school orchestra. Thank to all of you for the warm atmosphere.

The second day was focused on the Clil and Science. Teams from all countries visited Palermo’s Botanical Garden. During very intersting guided visit they could hear and find out a lot of important facts about plants and trees from botanical garden. Visit of Palermo continued with walking through the streets of the historical centre and finished in beautiful Teatro Massimo – the third biggest opera stage in Europe.

The third day was prepared in the name of Geography and History. All students and teachers admired beautiful landscape of mills, pools, canals and piles of salt in town Marsala. Listening about work in family business on Salinas and about mining the salt fascinated all visitors. The trip continued with the boat ride to the island Mothia. Lovers of ancient history were very excited by visiting the island where excavations from the time of the Phoenicians and the Punic Wars were discovered only at the beginning of the 20th century.

But it didn’t stay with history, on Thursday the participants of the project spent amazing time in the Club Nautico in Solanto. Students could try riding a paddleboard, a motorboat, and the brave ones also swam in the colder sea.

Last day was focused on final project activities, evaluation of the mobility and giving certificates. Groups of teachers and students enjoyed summarizing photo presentation from whole Erasmus week and also puppets show made by Spain and Italian students. Final common activity was making a Garden of Friedship and meeting with the mayor of Santa Flavia.

It is very important thank to all coordinators from the project: Linda Chianetta from Italy, Mai Rodas from Spain, Agnieszka Raczyńska from Poland, Rute Silva from Portugal, Sevinç Őrer from Turkey, and the main coordinator Kateřina Kuncová from the Czech republic. Special thanks goes to Taťána Šléšková (IT and web support) and Martin Kreuziger (photos and videos). Thanks also goes to all other teachers involved in this project and obviously we should thank to our students for which this project was created. Last words belongs to one of the Czech student and her experiences from Sicily:

Viktorie Adámková 7.B: „The opportunity to stay abroad and meet people from almost all of Europe was a life experience that I will never forget. From the beautiful architecture to the delicious food, everything was amazing on the project. I recommend it to anyone who wants to meet a challenge and expand their view on the world.“