Mobility – Reus, Spain

During the week from 25/4/22 to 29/5/22 teams of teachers and students from participating schools attended the third meeting of this project in the Spanish school Col-legi Pare Manyanet in Reus.

The theme of the whole week was Drama. That’s why all the activities the students participated in were somehow related to theatre – the students, for example, created and performed their own short plays in English, they also cooperated with professional actors from a local theatre, learnt all about pantomime and body language. Even though some of the activities were a little bit challenging, all of the students represented their school perfectly.

The theme of the week was also connected with the history lessons! The participants got the chance to visit Tarragona and its ancient remains such as circus, amphitheater and other interesting places.

We cannot forget to mention the visit of the Catalonia National Theatre in Barcelona, where we took a look at not only the beautiful theatre halls, but also at the places which are usually closed to the public.

The whole week was packed with amazing activities, new challenges and new friendships. On our last day of the visit, the hosting families prepared delicious meals of the local cuisine, so we really got to meet Spain and its culture through all of our senses.

Thanks to this meeting all students have gained new knowledge, practiced their communication skills in English and made new friends. They have also picked up a few Spanish words along the way, so who knows, maybe it will motivate them to study another foreign language, too!

Gracias Adiós