Mobility – Izmir, Turkey

During the week from 29/5/2022 to 4/6/2022, teams of teachers and students from Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain went to the beautiful Turkish city Izmir. All of that was possible because of the Erasmus+ project CLIL which started in 2020/2021. Together with our Turkish friends we experienced an exciting week packed with interesting educational activities.  

The theme of the whole week was Geography, therefore during our first meeting at our hosting school Atakent Anadolu Lisesi we watched videos about our home countries and regions made by the students. As for other educational activities, we should definitely mention a complex lecture on the city of Izmir done by a college professor Dr. Arzu Gunduzoglu. The students also participated in group projects in which they made geographical brochures about their home countries and a dictionary of terms related to geography. During the last workshop, students also got the chance to make a bracelet with the evil eye beads. 

We didn’t stay just at the school, though! We discovered the beauty of Izmir thanks to the bus tour around the city, we’ve learnt what it’s like to shop at a typical Turkish bazaar, we visited a local village called Nazarkoy and we also saw the breathtaking ruins of Ephesus. 

Thanks to the wonderful hosting families it’s safe to say we’ve truly experienced Izmir through all of our senses – they had prepared delicious meals typical for Turkish cuisine which we enjoyed all together for dinner. 

Because of the trip to Izmir, our students as well as our teachers gained a lot of new experiences, learnt new skills and started new friendships. They also practiced their communication skills in English and realized, how important the knowledge of this language truly is. The purpose of the trip was therefore accomplished!