Teachers and Students – Czech Republic


Kateřina Kuncová

Hi, I am a teacher at Primary Haskova school in Unicov, CR. I teach English, Maths and PE. I am ready to start working on the project with you! I hope we will meet soon!!!

Zuzana Gucká

Hi, my name is Zuzana Gucká  and I teach Czech language, English and Music at Haskova primary school. I am also  a choirmaster of children school choir. I have  already worked on several Eramus projects. I am interested in CLIL method teaching English and in special educational application Teachout, that connects learning and outdoor activities. I like to get inspiration for my teaching English.

Svatopluk Vlk

My name is Svaťa and I’m the headmaster of Haškova Elementary School in Uničov. We’ve been participating in projects like this since 2005 and I’m grateful for everything it’s brought to our school. 

Nikola Šimková

My name is Nikola and I’m a teacher. I teach mostly English, therefore I’m very excited to be a part of the Erasmus project! It’s an amazing opportunity to meet you – great people – and share our experiences. 

Taťána Šlešková

My name is Taťána Šlešková. I´m from the Czech Republic. I’m a biology and geography teacher, that’s why I like travelling and exploring new places, landscapes, cultures as well as its fauna and flora. This Erasmus+ project enables me to do all of this and share it afterwards with my pupils in my lessons. I´m looking forward to meet you soon.

Martin Kreuziger

Hello! My name is Martin and I am a teacher. I teach Czech language, Art and Music. I am excited to meet new people, friends and culture. I am interested about new inspiration, experiences and adventure as well. I am glad to share ideas and experiences with you. And how do you recognize me? Simply. You will always see me with camera in my hands!

Alžběta Kaplová

My name is Alžběta Kaplová and I am teacher of History and Civics. That´s why I realy enjoy meeting new people and visiting foreign countries  to know different cultures and its history. Nice to meet you!


Jan Kobylka

Hi! My name is Jan but everybody calls me Honza. I’m 14 years old. I grew up in Uničov. My hobbies are drama lessons, music and camping.

Nikola Vodseďálková

Hi! My name is Nikola. I’m from a small village called Plinkout. I like reading and I like creating my own fantasy worlds. I hope I will write a book of my own one day.

Michal Přidal

Hi! My name is Michal. I’m from a small village called Paseka. My hobbies are scouting and spending time in nature. I’m tall and thin like a skeleton.

Nela Šlešková

Salve, I guess you were wondering who is behind this website. Congrats you found me. Long story short: Mad scientist/philosopher.

Ondřej Malík

Hey, my name is Ondra, I’m from the Czech Republic and I’m 15 years old. My favourite activity is snowboarding and I absolutely hate football.

Olga Gucká

My name is Olga and I’m a student of Haskova school. I’ve played the piano since I was little and I used to run in an athletics team. I like listening to music in my free time.

Tomáš Fiala

Hey fellows, 

my name is Tomáš and I’m from the Czech republic. I like programming and eating. My favourite food is sushi and pizza. 

Tereza Kučerová

Hi, my name is Tereza, I’m 13 years old, I like listening to music, dancing, sports and traveling. My favourite animals are dogs.

Viktorie Adámková

I´m Victoria, 13 years old. I like playing football and learning new languages.

I’m Anna. I’m 13 years old. I like traveling and playing the piano.