Agrupamento Escolas de Campo Maior

The Agrupamento de Escolas de Campo Maior is situated in the interior part of Portugal and has a total of 1200 students and 120 teachers. The Secondary School has several types of education: regular elementary and secondary education; professional secondary courses; and two classes of alternative curricula, in order to prevent school drop out. Every year we have more students of gipsy origin and from immigrant families, especially from eastern countries. We can say with proud that they all are very well included. We also have students with special needs and some specialized teachers work with them and involve them in the regular classes as many times as they can. The School has a long and successful tradition in European education and training programs, in particular Comenius and etwinning. This year we are in involved in several etwinning projects and in a Eramus+. We have a successful experience in working and collaborate with parents. There is also a Parents ‚ Association In the lower school levels we have the support of a multidisciplinary team – psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists and doctors. needs. We also have two units of Multideficiency and Autism. Our school has a good and strong relationship with the local authority as well as with the different public and private institutions of the city.Mrs. Vanessa Algarvio, teacher of Spanish with 15 years of experience in teaching. She is the representative of the subject. She will extend project implementation on local and regional level by assuring collaboration with parents, with the local authorities and with the city council. Her connection to the school is indefinite, because she is part of the permanent boarding of teachers of the school. Mrs. Rute Parente, teacher of English, with more than 20 years of experience. She has already experience in project management. She will be in full charge of the implementation of the project activities and she will be the main contact person for the students and for the teaching staff in the school, but also for the people involved on partnership level. Her position in school is also without term. Ms. Fátima Galhanas, Teacher of History, with more than twenty years of teaching experience. Together with Mrs. Parente will be responsible for the implementation of the project activities. Her position in school is also without term .In case someone leave or is unavailable, is position will be assured by Mr. Luís Alves, with experience in international project management and managerial skills. Participating in this project will be a good experience both ways. From our side we are very good at working collaboratively and our main advantage is that the school lies in a rural area where everybody (school, local authorities, parents…) work together in order to make sure the students have the best chances ever.