Atakent Anadolu Lisesi

Atakent Anatolian High School is situated in the interior part of İzmir and has a total of 900 students (between14-17 years old) who are mostly educated on academıclly but they have language problems(English) although they are very good at scıence and socıal subjects lıke geography and history and 70 teachers. Every year we have several students from immigrant or defector families. We can say with proud that they all adapted easily but of course language sometımes can be problem so as national language English must be taught well. We also have students with special needs and some specialized teachers work with them and involve them in the regular classes as many times as they can. The School has a long and successful tradition in European education and training programs, in particular Comenius and etwinning. This year we are in involved in one project in Eramus+. We have a successful experience in working and collaborate with parents. There is also a Parents ‚ Association In the lower school levels we have the support of a multidisciplinary team – psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists and doctors. Our school has a good and strong relationship with the local authority as well as with the different public and private institutions of the city. Miss.Özden Bildirici, teacher of English, with more than 20 years of experience. She will be in full charge of the implementation of the project activities and she will be the main contact person for the students and for the teaching staff in the school, but also for the people involved on partnership level. Miss.Gülcan Arslan Teacher of Geography, with more than twenty years of teaching experience. Together with Miss Özden will be responsible for the implementation of the project activities. In case someone leave or is unavailable, position will be assured by Mrs,Arife Bilgiç with experience in international project management and managerial skills. Participating in this project will be a good experience. From our side we are very good at working collaboratively and our main advantage is that everybody (school, local authorities, parents) work together in order to make sure the students have the best chances ever. We would like to organise travels with our students to introduce and revive the Virgin Mary House and Pilgrimage Route and we will organise interviews with public villagers at Sirince Village We think that we will create opportunities to revive Virgin Mary House, to give it another chance for tourism. Now, We are especially excited by the idea of rediscovering the forgotten pilgrimage route and reviving it. We have a lot of touristic and geographıc places in our region such as Kuşadası, Ephesus ruins an Şirince village where our students will communicate with tourists to improve their English and learn more about of those geographic areas.